Grab Bars and Railings

About Grab Bars and Railings

Grab bars and railings are safety devices which greatly increase the safety of persons with challenging mobility problems. Grab bars and railings located throughout your home can greatly increase the safety of persons by allowing the person to maintain balance and by providing something to grab onto in case of a slip or fall.

Importance of Grab Bars and Railings

There are many different styles and models of grab bars and railings and each serves a specific purpose. Grab bars can be chosen to match your decor and come in many different finishes. Although grab bars are usually seen in public washrooms, they are a valuable addition to your residential home. Grab bars or railings located near toilets can assist persons in lowering and raising themselves, thereby increasing independence and safety while using the facilities. Additionally, grab bars and railings within shower stalls and around tubs ensure safe access and mobility in slippery areas.

Access Solutions is qualified and experienced in the installation of grab bars and railings. We understand the guidelines for placement of these devices and the importance of installing the products into a wall with sufficient support. Grab bars and railings must be mounted into studs or reinforced walls to safely and securely support your weight.

Importance of Proper Installation

It is important to use the right products, in the right place, for the purpose they are intended for. We use quality products from leading suppliers to ensure long lasting safe use of your grab bar and railings. Access Solutions can help you with grab bars and railings. Call us or contact us now to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Grab Bars and Railings must be installed securely into a strong wall stud, to assist in sudden weight bearing and to support a person’s weight.


  • Improves Independence
  • Assist people when sitting and standing
  • Help Maintain Balance
  • Help navigating stairs
  • Usually metal, plastic, fiberglass or composites
Grab Bars for Bathroom
Metal Grab Bars are usually installed in bathrooms next to toilets and tub/shower enclosures
Adding Grab Bars and Railings to tubs and showers makes it safer for everyone.

Our Industry Leading Suppliers

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