About Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

We have a wide selection of threshold wheelchair ramp systems and door ramps that minimize the rise between exterior doors and sliding glass doors. A threshold ramp system is an easy and inexpensive method to provide barrier free access for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers.

Threshold Ramps Minimize Entrance Barriers

In most older homes, there is often a 1″ to 2″ rise in exterior door openings. This can prove to be a challenge for wheelchairs and often presents a potential trip hazard for persons using canes and walkers.

Although new construction for homes allow for sliding doors, where the tracks are flush with the floor, most older sliding glass doors have a raised track. This presents a rise on the exterior and interior of the opening. Threshold ramps, placed on both sides of the sliding door track, eliminate this common household barrier for mobile or wheeled devices.

Some models of threshold ramps can be trimmed to fit the width of the door opening or trimmed to fit the height of the rise snugly. The ramps are lightweight so moving them to other openings is easy. In addition, threshold ramps have a skid proof surface for better traction in both interior or exterior use.

We can help eliminate or minimize threshold barriers with a complete line of rubber, plastic, and aluminum threshold ramps. The type of threshold ramp recommended for your needs will depend on your particular threshold barrier.

If you need help in deciding the correct threshold ramp for you, please give us a call or use our contact form.


  • Recycled Rubber
  • Brush Coated Aluminum
  • Skid Proof Surface
  • Various widths and Heights
  • Can be trimmed for height and width
  • Large weight capacity
  • Lightweight and transferable
Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Ramp
Rubber Threshold Ramp
Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramp
Aluminum Threshold Ramp

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