About Temporary or Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Portable or temporary ramps are usually made of aluminum but depending on the use and the supplier, are available in other materials too. They are generally less expensive than permanent ramps and can be moved to different locations. Portable or temporary ramps should be considered only for short term use and be used to access short inclines from curbs, short flight of stairs or vehicles.

Are you temporarily confined to a wheelchair?

Temporary or portable ramps have the same objective, the main purpose to allow people who are temporarily confined to a wheelchair, access to areas of their home which are now a challenge. It makes more sense to purchase and install a temporary wheelchair ramp rather than modify the home with more permanent ramp solutions.

These sturdy wheelchair ramps are available in different lengths which can be used to overcome small changes in elevation such as curbs or a few stairs. Because there are strict guidelines to using all wheelchair ramps, it is important to have an experienced and knowledge company determine the best solution based on the incline of area where the product is used. This will help to keep you safe and ensure that the ramp is easily navigated.

Need to transport a wheelchair ramp with you?

Portable wheelchair ramps can be easily moved or stored. Because some of the models can be folded and easily transported, they are an excellent solution to allow wheelchair access while travelling and assist in providing wheelchair access to most vehicles. We can provide guidance and obtain the right portable ramp solution for your purposes.


  • LightWeight
  • Transportable
  • Convenient
  • Skid Proof
  • Easily Stored
Temporary and Portable Wheelchair Ramps
Tri-Fold Ramp System
Suitcase Threshold Temporary Ramp

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