Swing Clear Hinges fir Accessibility

About Swing Clear Hinges

Exchanging standard door hinges with Swing Clear Hinges can add a few more inches clearance by allowing the door to swing away from the entrance.

Cost Efficient Accessibility Solution

When creating better access through doorways in your home, you have two options. Altering the structure of the doorway to widen it, which is costly and may not be easily done in your home or replacing the standard door hinges with swing clear hinges which is inexpensive and quick.

In a typical home doorway openings range from 24″ in older homes to 30″ in newer homes.  Standard guidelines for wheelchair access state that an opening should be at least 32″ with the ideal width being 36″.

Switching out standard door hinges with Swing Clear hinges will allow easier wheelchair access and minimize damage to your doors and door frames.

Swing Clear hinges have an offset pivot point that allows the door to swing completely clear of the door opening, meeting or exceeding the standard guidelines

The images below illustrate the difference and benefits of swing clear hinges over standard door hinges in an accessible home.



  • Wide variety of styles
  • Easily installed
  • Affordable
  • Quick and safe fix
Standard Door Hinge
Standard Door Hinges create an obstruction of approx 2in a standard doorway.
Swing Clear Hinge Benefits Illustration
Swing Clear Hinges enable door to swing clear of opening allowing more doorway clearance.

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